Facility Assessment

The typical intent of a district wide facility assessment is to work with the district staff to gain a better understanding of educational appropriateness and physical condition of each facility for the District to make informed decisions about remodel, additions and replacement of their existing facilities.

In order to do this we review the facilities in the following categories. Site Improvement, Building Energy efficiency and learning environments, health safety and welfare, building beautification and educational/functional adequacy.

Site Improvements that are typically reviewed include parking, traffic patterns, site utilization, accessibility, and drainage patterns. Building Energy Efficiency reviews can help the district focus in on areas that could help the building perform more efficiency and save the district money over time. Items such as insulation, HVAC efficiency, lighting efficiency, windows and roof systems. A Health Safety and welfare review typically includes items such as building egress, accessibility, possible structural concerns, security vestibules and securing of buildings. Building beautification allows us to pinpoint interior and exterior areas that could use improvement that would re-vitalize or improve occupant welfare, outlook or public appearance.


In order to come to an average unbiased scoring system we utilize the district’s personnel, such as administrators and maintenance staff to help evaluate the functional/educational adequacy of the building with a survey and our architectural knowledge to perform a site evaluation of each building to gain a grasp of the physical condition of the site.  Using these scores we can evaluate the adequacy of the building use, as well as the condition of the building and its major systems.