WRA selected for new service center in Pottsboro ISD

POTTSBORO — After a year of researching, planning and developing facility updates for the Pottsboro Independent School District, the Pottsboro ISD Board approved the documents for the site plan and design of the future service center Monday evening.

“When we started the process, the intent was for a bus maintenance facility as opposed to a district service center,” Board secretary and planning committee member Brett Graham said. “But what this allows us to do as a school district is combine all of our maintenance personnel into one facility, which will inevitably result in a more efficient program for our maintenance in the district.”

Pottsboro ISD Superintendent Kevin Matthews said the design is an upgrade from the current facilities because there will be more storage and space as well as have a place to provide training to bus drivers. He said the service center will provide a place to park the school buses and consolidate all maintenance personnel into one building.

The location of the service center will be east of Pottsboro High School on Katy Lane, which is currently owned by District. Board Vice President Marquin Payne said the location gives the District the ability to expand in the future. She said the District will have room to expand the structure or extend the boundaries beyond the current ones.

Board member Scott Gaylon said he believes the design and location of the service center will make more parking available and provide easier access at the elementary school. Overall, he said he thinks it will create a safer environment for the District because there will be less congestion.

“We spent some time going to look at other facilities that have been designed and built at other school districts,” Graham said. “We took as much away in what not to as we took what to do. I believe that helped us a lot take out the inefficiencies of the structure and looking at some other things other folks did that we could do more efficiently.”

WRA Architects developed the designs for the service said. Seth Stevens, a representative of the firm, said the estimated cost of the service center will be $2.25 million. However, the construction of the facility will not increase taxes because the money would come out of the general fund balance of the District, Matthews said.

Graham noted that the price tag does not include additional items that the District may need. Depending on the bids the District receives, he said the construction of a cover for all the school buses or a fridge to hold extra food could be included. If the bids do not allow for either, the District will be able to consider adding them in the future.

When asked what he thought of the price, Matthews said it was an average of price. The District will advertise for bids and the ones received will be evaluated to make sure they meet the requirements, he said.

“There is a lot of interest in the project out of the construction community,” Keith Anderson of WRA Architects said.

Anderson said the District should receive bids by the end of July. There is a possibility the District will be able to review and make a decision on who will build the service center facility during the August board meeting, Matthews said.

If community members were unable to make it to the special meeting, Matthews said they are welcome to stop by the administration building to see the pictures and design of the future service center.

By: Kim Burdi | Herald Democrat