WRA completes renovation of Castleberry ISD administration building

The building was originally constructed as the “Castleberry School” and was the district’s orginialand only school building. WRA Architects was retained to bring this historic building up to the needs of the 21th century education administration.  The building along with several additions served as the only Castleberry ISD Elementary School for the last few decades, up until the opening of the new A.V. Cato and Castleberry Elementary Schools.

The renovation of the building was intended to meet all of the expectations of a 21st century office and administration building while honoring the original architecture of the period of the building.   The interior and exterior walls are all load-bearing poured in place concrete.  The wooden roof deck planks were the form boards for the walls. The restoration and adaptive reuse process stripped away over 70 years of renovations that had completely concealed the original building’s character and charm.  Opening up the windows and the ceilings to their original height has brought back elements of original vision of this historic 1938 building.