WRA Architects to update West Mesquite High School

West Mesquite High School lies in an area of Mesquite bordered by residential on three sides and Memorial Stadium to the north. The site is generally accessed from Memorial BLVD to the north, Peachtree on the east, Brunswick Lane on the west and Sandy Lane on the south. Currently, 22 portables are located near the sports fields and 21 will be removed with the school expansion, leaving 1 portable for required school function. The new addition will be located on the west side of campus immediately adjacent to the instructional area of the existing school and it will include science labs, a Career and Technology Lab, and classrooms. Various renovations will include an expanded counselor suite, a reorganized library, a drama classroom, and a science lab along with providing a fire sprinkler system to the portions of the existing building where one is not present.

The main front entrance of the school faces Memorial Blvd. to the north. As a part of this addition, the prominent west side secondary entrance to the school from the west side student parking lot will be enhanced to reflect the front entrance but on a much smaller scale. The design of the addition will be consistent with the existing school architecture but will be enhanced by exterior fenestration on both the first floor and second floor classrooms bringing natural daylighting into those spaces. All the windows will be recessed back to help with sun shading in this west facing elevation.  We will also be using sun shading devices on the larger windows along with energy efficient glazing throughout. By utilizing the same color brick in bands and textures on the west elevation, the fenestration rhythm on both floors will be tied together on the west elevation while still complementing the large mass architecture of the existing school.