Lanny Frasier Middle School Construction Update


As work is drawing to a close on the additions and renovations to nearby West Mesquite High School, progress on Mesquite Independent School District’s new Lanny Frasier Middle School is becoming increasingly visible.
The construction of the foundation system for the expansive structure is progressing rapidly. The building’s L-shaped footprint is now well defined. Concrete grade beams outline the perimeter of the 2-story classroom wing along Memorial boulevard on the south side of the site. 

The development of the site is progressing along with the construction of the school building itself. A new concrete drive connects Memorial boulevard to the new school, and to Scyene road at the north side of the site. The grading of the area for the new football field and track north of the new school is also underway. WRA Architects and Pogue Construction join Mesquite ISD in the excitement of seeing the progress of Lanny Frasier Middle School’s construction, and look forward to providing the district and its students with a new next generation learning environment.