New Career & Technology Education School Coming to Mesquite ISD

Four Distinct Schools, one campus - Choice High School

Mesquite ISD’s new Career and Technology Education (CTE) school, Choice High School, will be a 250,000 SF campus that will house four distinct schools: Construction Science, Technology, Engineering, and Health Science. Approximately 2,000 students throughout Mesquite ISD will attend this CTE school full time, without any need for transportation to other schools throughout the day. This all-encompassing campus will provide a stand-alone school for career-specific skills to be taught through project-based learning, promoting real world experience.

Mesquite ISD’s goal is to collaborate with industry partners in these four fields to create curriculum programs that are built around the current industry trends with the goal of educating students in an atmosphere that closely reflects the actual working environments, so upon graduation students can easily and quickly transition into the workforce for which they have been educated. 

The Choice High School building will also utilize many elements and techniques in sustainable design that will help minimize the long-term environmental impact and maintenance for the district. In addition, the campus will boast a ICC-500 (2014) storm shelter to house the entire population of the campus, as well as many other safety techniques to help actively protect the students and staff of Choice High School.

Amelia Malloy