Lanny Frasier Middle School

·         New middle school for 1200 students, grades 6 through 8

·         2015 International Building Code requires community storm shelter

·         45 standard classrooms (15 per grade)

·         Approximately 193,000 SF

Site Specifics   

·         The primary entrance of the school faces Stadium Drive (and Peachtree Road) to the east with a secondary entrance just to the north near the fine arts, athletics and cafeteria portion of the school.

·         The site includes an 8-lane all-weather track and football field as part of the base bid. An alternate bid will be provided for grandstands that seat 1800, a concession/restroom building and field turf and stadium lighting.

·         Also included in the site plan are tennis courts, field events, an 80-yard practice field, room for future expansion on the end of the classroom wing and a learning courtyard.

·         Since the site is adjacent to the visitor parking of Mesquite Memorial Stadium, an additional secondary entrance has been provided on the northwest side of the school to take advantage of the adjacent parking during regular school hours and after-hours events. 

·         The existing connection between Scyene Road and Memorial Blvd. will be replaced with a new private driveway connection that runs between the practice field and tennis court area.

·         Due to off-site drainage requirements, a detention pond has been shown on the property to the east which will become Mesquite ISD property after a land swap with the City of Mesquite. The current water tower site just to the south will be turned over to the City. 

·         The classroom wing to the south addresses Memorial Blvd. as it is oriented east/west for optimum solar orientation.  The northern portion of the plan is rotated slightly to open up the main entrance and pull the large volume spaces back from the drop off lane.

Floor Plan Level 1

·         The primary main entrance of the school lies between the administration suite and the media center. A security vestibule contains a small conference room and RR for parent/public use to prevent public request to enter into the private portion of the building. 

·         The special instruction area lies just to the west of the administration area and contains 3 computer labs, Principles of Human Services, an MTI classroom, 2 special education classrooms and shared storage, RR and kitchen, as well as associated offices.

·         2 art classrooms have been located to the north of special instruction for direct access to the learning courtyard and have been provided with windows for north light.

·         The instructional space to the west contains 15 standard classrooms for 6th grade, 3 science labs, and a teacher collaboration workroom. To accommodate steep grades on the site, this portion of the classroom wing has been raised 32” and will be provided with 2 sets of short stairs and a ramp to provide access.

·         The media center will be provided with punched opening windows to the east and a storefront window wall system to the corridor wall to bring in as much borrowed natural daylight as possible as well as providing transparency between the library, the main corridor and the learning courtyard. 

·         The fine arts area contains a band, orchestra and choir hall as well as a drama classroom with access to the cafeteria stage.

·         The cafeteria has been designed to seat over 450 students to accommodate 3 lunch periods and account for future growth. The kitchen area will have 4 serving lines with overhead doors to reduce congestion.

·         The physical education/athletics area is provided with a competition gymnasium that will seat the entire student body of 1200, a practice gym that will seat 150 spectators, and two secondary entrances with covered porches to the southeast and southwest of the gymnasiums.

·         The boys and girls athletic and physical education locker rooms are located to the north of the gymnasiums and will house the community storm shelter required on this project by building code. This area allows for optimum design and economic feasibility to provide a shelter large enough to house all students and staff for the school and will be structural designed to withstand 250 mph winds equal to an EF-5 tornado and provide protection for up to 2 hours after an emergency situation. This includes battery backup for lights, a generator to run mechanical ventilation for fresh air, fresh water, first aid kits and fire protection.



Floor Plan Level 2


·         The second floor will include 30 standard classrooms, 6 science labs, and a teacher collaboration workroom and will include 7th and 8th grade. Also included on this level is the Technology Lab and 2 MTI classrooms.

·         Access to the second floor will be provided between 3 stairwells located at the ends and center of the classroom wing as well as an elevator near the technology lab at the second floor and administration area on the first floor.

·         All of the standard classrooms as well as the program located along the exterior wall will be provided with windows for natural daylight and sunshading devices for protection during the harsh warm months.