Brock Primary


After months of planning leading up to a successful bond election in November of 2016, Brock Independent School District has directed its latest planning efforts on the new primary school itself - approved by the voters in that election.  Located at the corner of FM 1189 and Eagle Spirit Lane, the new school design is the product of a collaborative process that included parents, teachers, administrators, district support staff, and the design team.  The result is an exciting new school design that will support next generation learning for the youngest students in the district.

The school’s main entrance faces FM 1189.   Separate drives for cars and for busses both enter the site from Eagle Spirit Lane.

Children approaching the main entry from the parent drop-off and the bus loop are protected from the elements by a continuous canopy along the front of the gymnasium.

Inside, the glass-enclosed reception area overlooks the main entrance as well as the entrances to the gymnasium and cafeteria.  

In the cafeteria, playful windows outlined with bright colors open to the school’s library and main corridor, while a full wall of glass provides expansive views to the courtyard, playground, and stand of trees beyond.

The library occupies the heart of the school, open and elevated on a platform, connecting the 3 grade level learning communities.

From the library, Children will enjoy views to the outdoors, and will have easy access to the small learning communities, as well as the gymnasium and cafeteria.  The diverse settings in this space will provide opportunities for a variety of individual and group learning activities.

Instead of opening off of conventional corridors, the classrooms in each of the learning communities are grouped around a flexible, open collaboration space, again, to support multiple activities and learning styles.

The playground rests in the shade of an existing grove of trees to the south of the school, shielded from the traffic on FM 1189, and safely separated from the nearby driveways by ornamental fencing.

On the opposite side of the school, a paved courtyard adjoins the library and two classroom pods, providing a setting for outdoor learning.

With the planning process quickly coming to a conclusion, the Construction of the new Brock Primary school is slated to begin this summer.  Students in pre-k, kindergarten, first and second grade, will be welcomed by their teachers to their exciting new school home in the fall of 2018.