John Horn High School Addition



An exciting addition to Mesquite Independent School District’s Doctor John D Horn High School is currently in the planning stages. This new construction, beginning in the spring of 2018, will provide many features to support next generation learning. The heart of the addition is a spacious commons that will serve as a center for 11th and 12th grade students. A media center within the commons is an extension of the school’s library providing a comfortable area supporting digital technology. 3 adjacent computer labs are separated with operable walls which, when open, create one large multipurpose space. In the remainder of the commons, seating for study, collaboration and dining lines the expansive exterior window wall. Here, in the grab and go café, Students and teachers alike can grab a quick lunch or prepare for class. Further to the interior is the Forum, another flexible multipurpose space, that connects the first and second floors of the addition. The corridors feature tech bars for study and charging stations for student devices. Glass enclosed collaboration rooms fill the space beneath the Forum. Three new upper level labs will expand the science instruction facilities on the campus with state of the art equipment and technology. In addition, the new construction will bring 47 new standard classrooms to the school, allowing for removal of all the temporary classroom buildings from the campus when complete. This dynamic new addition will provide a variety of settings for students to study, research, and interact with one another and their teachers in an environment that is designed to help prepare them for higher education and professional life. WRA Architects is proud to once again team with Mesquite Independent School District on this important investment in the lives of its students and teachers.