Bob & Lola Sanford Elementary

The design of the Van Alstyne ISD Elementary School #2 was a successful collaboration between WRA & the school district. The investment in the planning process that the school district undertook certainly resulted in a better facility for the student, teachers, and administrators of Van Alstyne ISD
— Keith Anderson AIA Partner

After months of planning leading up to a successful bond election in May of 2017, Van Alstyne Independent School District has completed the design for the new elementary school approved by the voters in that election.  Located just to the southwest of Van Alstyne middle school, the new campus will be served by a new public street connecting to highway 5 on the east and Greywood Drive on the west. The new design is the product of a collaborative process that included parents, teachers, administrators, district support staff, and the design team.  Some of the major goals established at the beginning of the project were that the building would support and enhance next generation learning, with easy access to technology throughout the building, and that the learning environments would be flexible and filled with natural light.  

A two story option was selected early on, to help maintain a compact and efficient floor plan for this building of over 80,000 square feet. The youngest students, in pre-K through 1st grade, are on the ground level while classrooms for grades 2 through 5 are on the second floor.The two story classroom wing can be secured to allow for community activities to take place after hours in the more public areas of the building, including the cafeteria, library, and gymnasium.The gymnasium includes a full-size basketball court and also serves as the school’s storm shelter. The building’s L-shaped floor plan surrounds a landscaped courtyard which provides a secure area for outdoor learning activities and student play.

Van Alstyne ISD’s second elementary school is scheduled to begin construction this summer, and will be ready to welcome its students and teachers at the beginning of the 2018-19 school year.

It has been a great experience partnering with Van Alstyne ISD to design their new elementary school. Our interaction with the district throughout the design process has helped to create a school that will best serve the unique needs of Van Alstyne ISD and the users of the space. The new elementary school will be an exciting place for the students to be and will help enhance their learning experience.
— Mitch Fuqua AIA Project Manager