Community ISD High School

On Monday night the Community ISD Board of Trustees reviewed the Schematic Design of the New Community High School as part of the first phase of the 2017 School Bond Program.

The building will consist of three east-west oriented wings. A two-story academic wing to the south, a fine arts and food service wing in the center and the athletic wing to the north, closest to the stadium. The three wings will be connected by a “main street” corridor through the center. The building orientation will play an important role in energy efficiency. Maximizing the windows on the north and south of the wings, where the sun can be controlled, and minimizing openings on the east and west facing walls, will significantly reduce utility costs. The space created between the wings will be developed as secure outdoor learning spaces for the students and faculty.

The Academic Wing will be the location of the main entry, the administration, and academic classrooms arranged in small learning communities.

The Fine Arts Wing will have an 800-seat auditorium, band, choir, drama, dance and art teaching areas. The east end of the wing will be the location of the cafeteria and food preparation areas.

The Athletic Wing will have competition and auxiliary gymnasiums, locker rooms and associated support spaces. 

Along with the outdoor learning courtyards, site amenities will include visitor, faculty and student parking along with a paved, dedicated marching area for the band.

WRA Architects has been authorized to further develop the design, integrate structural and mechanical systems, and finalize the building materials and finishes for the facility. The architects are on schedule to show a more developed animation to the Board in June, which will showcase the refined design, and be expanded to include images of all the key interior spaces.

The new Community High School is on schedule to break ground in late fall of 2018 and open in August of 2020.