Kalwall Skylights

The primary element of the Kalwall System is a flat or curved structural composite sandwich panel formed by permanently bonding specially formulated, fiberglass-reinforced translucent faces to a grid core constructed of interlocked, structural aluminum / composite I-beams.

The natural thermal properties of the sandwich panel can deliver even greater energy performance by the inclusion of translucent fiberglass “batts” or other translucent insulating materials (TIMs), such as aerogels, during the manufacturing process and by specifying a fully thermally broken grid core. U-factor options range from .29 to .05 by NFRC-100 for the 2-3/4'' (70 mm) panels, and NFRC certified system values from .10 to .40.

Superior Load Capacity

When the wind starts to howl or rain and snow start to pile... or if someone walks across a skylight or skyroof, enormous loads push delicate poly-plastic panels far beyond their limit. Warping, buckling and collapsing results, followed by extensive interior damage and even bodily harm. Kalwall’s composite panel delivers miraculous performance which can stand-up to hurricane-force winds and other loads with ease. Look at this team of workmen standing on a Kalwall panel supported by only 2 saw horses! Competing systems could not stand-up to the weight of a single person.

Unique Single-source Technology

All critical components are maintained in the Kalwall manufacturing process. Advanced technologies of adhesives and the creation of highly specialized composites result in an unrivaled ability to maximize structural performance, weathering ability, fire resistance and vandal resistance. Others must rely on low-cost, commercial “green house” fiberglass and films or short-lived polycarbonates. These “temporary” materials have extremely short service lives of 10 years or less, in most case