WRA Architects is a full service Architectural firm

Master Planning

Projecting your District's needs from both an enrollment and instructional basis for the next 10-15 years provides a clearer vision of the long-term use and layout of your facilities. 


WRA Architects advocates contemporary architectural thought, that is to say, leveraging current technology and discovery in every aspect of designing a building.

Facility Assessment

We assist school districts with technical evaluations of existing facilities, helping to assess the effectiveness and usability of current facilities. 


Bond Planning

WRA Architects has extensive experience in bond planning and election consulting. We currently have a 95% success rate in helping dozens of school districts on more than 30 bond elections in the recent years. Our process includes pre and post bond surveying, voter demographics, website development, social media, email and text campaigns, videography and photography along with a full communication plan.


Next Generation Learning

At WRA, we understand that the Next Generation school must respond to the fact that students are individuals and that they learn in different ways, at different rates. Students are stimulated by variety, and the school environment must enhance the learning experience, not be a hindrance. WRA is committed to incorporating best practices in our schools, and our firm is responsible for developing some of those best practices.

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WRA has been strongly committed to sustainable and energy efficient building designs since long before the current popular emphasis. We consistently design building that are highly energy efficient, significantly reducing our clients' energy costs over the life of the building. We have LEED Accredited Professionals on staff and are experienced in several Sustainable Design scoring systems. 



We design all projects 100% in BIM and have been doing so for most of a decade. Many architects now upgrading to BIM still use part-BIM, part-CAD. BIM gives you a full color interactive 3D model of your building linked to a database of the building components.