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At the conclusion of the 2017 football season, major additions and renovations began on Anna ISD’s Coyote Stadium. The recently added field turf and new running track have improved the facilities for the district’s athletes. The next phase will begin this fall will be focused more on the spectator experience. Home side seating will be replaced and enlarged to seat 3,100 spectators, including a center section of stadium chairs for reserved seating. Visitor side grandstands will be expanded to seat 2,000 spectators, bringing the total seating capacity to 5,100.

The highlight of the stadium renovation is the new 3,500 square foot press box, which will be elevated one story above the top of the home side grandstands. Stairs from the top of the grandstands and an elevator from the ground level will provide access to the new press box, which will include separate rooms for home and visiting coaches, timer/announcer, radio/press, a covered exterior video platform, and two spectator rooms for dignitaries.

Along with the press box construction, new entrances will be constructed at the northwest and southeast corners of the stadium, new restroom facilities will be constructed at the concourse level under the home side grandstands, and additional parking spaces will be constructed on the adjacent park site to the west. The newly renovated stadium will be open for the 2018 football season.


Anna Stadium 3-North Entrance.jpg


Size: 5,100 Seats

Budget: $8,000,000

Completion Date: August 2018

Location: Anna, Texas



Anna Independent School District



Lee Lewis Construction




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