Architecture for Next Generation Learning


Our People ‣

When you choose an architect, get to know the professionals you will be working with. By the time you make your decision, you may have found several firms with the experience and problem solving skills to qualify them to design your building. But then ask yourself, do they listen well? Do they have a good imagination? Do they communicate clearly and effectively, both visually and verbally? At WRA we employ people who have these skills AND are a pleasure to work with. We think that matters.   

Our Design ‣

The design of schools must meet a three-fold standard. First, design a secure environment to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the students, faculty and administration. Second, design sturdy, efficient buildings that are cost-effective to construct, operate and maintain. Strive to always be good stewards of the public’s investment. Third, it is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, the general aesthetic should reflect the values of the community that the architecture represents.

Our Technology ‣

So why is technology important? It affects every aspect of our lives: distance, movement, interaction, travel, communication…and so much more. Managing the information required to design and build a building is complicated, and communicating what your building will be is challenging. In an age where everyone carries around a GPS in their pocket, you should expect your architect to constantly use technology to bring you value.