AIA + SPCA “Bark and Build” Competition

“Pooch Pouf”

Bark and Build interior Render A[1].jpg

WRA is returning to participate in the annual AIA + SPCA “Bark and Build” competition with partner firm W.B. Kibler Construction. This year, the design team was challenged to design a piece of “doggy décor” to be fabricated this fall. WRA’s entry will be on display at NorthPark Mall from November 16 to December 6, and available for auction to the public. All proceeds will benefit the SPCA of Texas.

The design team was challenged to create a piece that combines furniture-like aesthetic with the functionality of a doghouse. “Pooch Pouf” addresses the daily life of the dog and owner by combining their varying needs into one piece with contemporary sensibility. The piece is comprised of a suspended dog bed, useful pouches for accessories, and a finished table surface. Special attention was paid to the composition of durable materials, scale of spaces, and the type of connections. 

dog house.jpg

2017 Bark and Build - “Dog Trot House”

Amelia Malloy