Bond planning and bond election public relations are a large part of WRA’s services for our clients. With a 95% bond success rate on more than 50 bond elections over the past 25 years and totaling more than $2 billion dollars, we'd like to say that we know what we're doing.

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Pre-Bond Planning - Step 1

WRA recommends a Facilities Committee be formed to collect input, assess needs, and disseminate information throughout the community. WRA then works with the Facilities Committee to gather input on the District’s real and perceived facility needs through consultation with District staff, and interviews with campus staff and other stakeholders, as well as collecting input from the community. At this point, WRA will compile a preliminary program and budget, and review all of the information to determine if there is in fact a need for a bond.

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Bond Package - Step 2

If it is determined a bond is needed, WRA’s bond promotion experience can be a great asset in helping your District make strategic decisions about your bond. After the strategic direction is established, WRA assists districts and Facilities Committees in carefully writing the descriptions of the projects in the bond proposal. WRA also helps refine the project scope to align with the publicized needs. Within this stage of the process, WRA conducts workshops with the District staff and the Board of Trustees providing guidance about election strategy and ethics.

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Pre- and Post-Election - Step 3

WRA works with the District to develop a factual public information package for citizens. We will assist with anything from campaign strategy, social media communication, and product sourcing, to outdoor signage. WRA also works with private citizens to form a Political Action Committee (PAC), and provides guidance through the process, all while maintaining campaign energy and public awareness. Once the bond has passed, WRA engages time-tested internal procedures of documentation and follow-through to assure the programmed needs of the project are passed on to your architect/engineer design team.

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Summary of WRA Bond Planning Services:

  • Pre-Bond Community Surveys  
  • Demographics Analysis and Monitoring
  • Voter Registration Campaigns
  • Voter Analytics
  • Communication Plan 
  • Bond Election Ethics Training
  • Public Relations 
  • Organizing Town Hall Meetings
  • Website Development
  • Email and Text Messaging Campaigns
  • Social Media Development and Monitoring
  • Master Planning and Phasing Diagrams
  • Drone Videography
  • Bond Overview Video
  • Issue Ad Videos
  • Press Releases
  • Press Conferences
  • Post-Bond Community Surveys
  • Ground Breaking Events
  • Construction Update Videos
  • Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies
  • Post-Occupancy User Input Surveys
  • Ongoing Public Relations