The right team is right here. At WRA, we are dedicated to breakthrough ideas that create a better future. We believe that the collaboration of diverse people from many fields of design is a powerful source of breakthrough ideas. That’s why we’re committed to building an increasingly diverse firm, made up of people with different areas of expertise, from different cultures and generations, with different talents, experiences and passions – because we believe that it is at those intersections where the next great ideas will emerge.

If you ask people at WRA what keeps us excited about coming to work each day, you’ll hear that it’s the people, our culture and the chance to be part of creating a better future through our work.

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The Team That Plays Together, Stays Together

WRA knows that it's good to get outside, volunteer, do something outside of work, with your coworkers. It not only refreshes relationships, but it also makes people more productive.


Enjoy Life

We encourage a consistent work-life balance. How do we do that? Well, we have off site activities aimed at team bonding outside of the office. We also take the time to enjoy life in the office with friendly competitions and special events, i.e. Pi Day, Chili Cook-off Day, Gingerbread House Competition, and Pumpkin Carving Competition, just to name a few!

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Our philosophy is to find and nurture people who we truly care about. We strongly believe that when you know you are valued, you become an integral part of WRA, and what drives us toward daily success. We want you to grow to your full potential because then WRA will be a better firm, and our clients will be better served.

From the ground up

We are committed to hiring exceptional people and providing them with exceptional opportunities. If you're passionate about your work, collaborative in spirit and intellectually curious, you've come to the right place. On average, our principals have invested 22 years of their careers with WRA, a fact that speaks to our commitment to grow leaders from the ground up.


Founded in 1954, WRA has a rich history of design in educational facilities, focusing on making learning spaces not only functional, but beautiful as well.