Florence Black elementary school

Mesquite Independent School District

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21st Century Learning Elements

Onsite replacement of a 1950s school that had multiple buildings connected by open covered sidewalks and classrooms opening directly outside. Operable windows, a low slung wood frame structure and an inadequate original foundation made upgrades impractical, and a full replacement school became the most practical long-term solution. The new school is highly efficient with a Geothermal HVAC system. Cafetorium, library and gym are accessible to the public for after-hours use.


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Size: 82,640 SF

Budget: $15,000,000

Completion Date: August 2013

Location: Mesquite, Texas



Mesquite Independent School District



Pogue Construction


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 "This firm and its former and present principals reflect the integrity we like to see in the businesses with which we have contact."

John Horn, Ed.D., Former Superintendent of Mesquite ISD.

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