Gary S. Jones Administration Building

Castleberry Independent School District

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The original Castleberry Elementary School building was built in 1938, in the Art Deco style, expanded in 1945, and bears a Texas Historic Commission marker. After serving as an elementary school for 75 years, a new replacement building for the school was constructed and this building was renovated to become the new Administration Building. Preserving the historical character of this early 20th Century building was a primary goal. The old Cafeteria/Auditorium became the new Board Room. Classrooms were converted into offices and conference rooms. Restrooms were renovated, modernized, and upgraded to current ADA standards. Major energy improvements were made to the building envelope; for 75 years, all exterior walls had been completely uninsulated. During this renovation, all exterior walls were opened up, completely insulated, and sealed. Many walls, and all exterior walls, are poured-in-place concrete. They had been clad in plaster (with asbestos) which a hazmat team stripped, exposing the warmth and beauty of the 75-year old concrete.



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Size: 23,000 SF

Budget: $2,00,000

Completion Date: September 2014

Location: Fort Worth, Texas



Castleberry Independent School District



Imperial Construction - Phase 1

Marvey, LLC - Phase 2



2017 Sustainability Award, TASA/TASB

2017 Community Award, TASA/TASB




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