Hollis T. Dietz Elementary School

Crandall Independent School District

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Elementary School Prototype

A new school on a new site in a fast-growth neighborhood, Dietz Elementary is the second siting of the District's new elementary school prototype. It uses elements from the subdivision such as natural stone and standing seam metal roofing. Designed as a 21st Century learning environment, the school also includes many Sustainable Design features making it highly energy-efficient. Includes daylight to every classroom with skylights over the interior zones.

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Size: 73,000 SF

Budget: $16,400,000

Completion Date: August 2017

Location: Crandall, Texas



Crandall Independent School District



Gallagher Construction

Sustainable Design Features

The Use Of Community Elements Is Integral To The Energy-Efficient School Environment

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“My interactions with WRA has been nothing short of amazing. As Superintendent of Crandall, I have experienced five years of customer-service oriented, knowledgeable and relational professionals. I recommend WRA for any school district."

Dr. Jolly Crandall, ISD Superintendent