Sunnyvale Independent School District

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Sunnyvale ISD has embarked on an educational transformation that requires more of their school buildings than a series of conventional classrooms can provide. Their first new build designed specifically to support the way that students and teachers interact in Sunnyvale is a new intermediate school, currently under construction.

Designed to hold up to 600 students in grades 3, 4, and 5, the school is subdivided into three small learning communities, or houses. Each house includes nine classrooms on two floors along with breakout spaces and small group rooms, and will include equal numbers of students from each of the three grades. These students will stay together in the same house for their full three years in this building. The small learning communities all overlook a large central space that serves as a shared commons and media center for the entire school. Dedicated spaces for art, science, music, and special education also open onto the commons.

Covered outdoor spaces on both the ground floor and second floor will provide additional settings for learning. The absence of corridors along with ample walls of glass allow virtually every corner of this space to be easily overseen and, as a result, to serve as effective areas for learning. Students from a wide range of learning styles will find their favorite spot among the many different spaces to be found here.

The public side of the campus includes administration offices, a light-filled cafeteria, and a gymnasium that is also designed to serve as a storm shelter. The school is scheduled to open in the fall of 2019.


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Size: 75,000 SF

Budget: $18,600,000

Completion Date: Fall of 2019

Location: Sunnyvale, Texas



Sunnyvale Independent School District



Gallagher Construction


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