Fort Worth Independent School District

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chps-verified sustainable school with geothermal

Named for long time Fort Worth ISD trustee Ms. Jean McClung, the new middle school is a CHPS-Verified (Collaborative for High Performing Schools) sustainable school using Geothermal Technology. The project is situated on the juncture of two disparate street grids in the Historic Handley neighborhood, and the design reflects the direction of both grids coming together. The building's main entrance and administration faces Forest Avenue, located on the second floor to provide easy access up or down only one floor. The fine arts and athletic facilities are located on the same main entry level. Central to the floor plan is the three story core academic tower, with 6th grade on the first floor, 7th grade on the second floor, and 8th grade on the third floor. The first floor also houses the library and food service. Locker room facilities are on the first floor, directly below the main gymnasium. The third floor houses academic space only. The service and bus drop off are off Haynie Street opposite of the main entrance. Site amenities include a running track and practice field and parking for 167 vehicles. The ground source heat pump HVAC system employs a large field of geothermal wells under the track. The field consists of 560 wells, 300 feet deep, on a 17'-6" spacing.


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Size: 172,990 SF

Budget: $27,000,000

Completion Date: August 2011

Location: Fort Worth, Texas



Fort Worth Independent School District



Turner Construction



2012 Design Award, TASA/TASB

2012 Innovation Award, TASA/TASB

2012 Sustainability Award, TASA/TASB

2012 Value Award, TASA/TASB

2012 Educational Appropriateness Award, TASA/TASB

2012 Golden Trowel Award, United Masonary Contractors Association


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