How technology is changing how we do things at WRA!


Read about how technology is changing how we do things at WRA!

WRA Architects is committed to using the latest proven design technologies to their highest benefit for our clients. Virtual Reality (VR) imaging is now a powerful tool in WRA's design expertise. VR is an advanced computer imaging technology used in the display of physical spaces in three dimensions. WRA has added VR to our 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) capabilities to present school designs with incredible realism.

Using VR, a person puts on a visual headset which displays interactive three-dimensional images of the future building. The images are projected into the headset from our architects' 3D BIM designs of the school. Now "inside" the future building, the viewer can "move" at will in the space, walk around, look up and down, and see highly realistic images of what their school will look like.

WRA involves school district stakeholders early in our design process. Showing them designs of their building in this new medium enables everyone to visualize the project. We are using VR to help ensure that everyone is on the same page in the early stages of designing a school. We can create different design options of the building's form and different materials. These variations can then be viewed in VR to see what they would actually look like in real life.

Our clients have thoroughly enjoyed seeing their buildings in VR. Virtual Reality is pushing WRA's design process a quantum leap forward. There is nothing like immersing yourself "inside" your future building and being able to see it all around you.

Designing a public school is a collaborative process. Virtual Reality imaging is another way WRA is harnessing the latest technology to deliver maximum value to our school district clients.

Jourdan Spragins