Plano west senior high school cate center

Plano Independent School District

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District realignment required increasing this campus's capacity from 2,200 to 3,000 students. The work included 50,000 SF of renovations and 90,000 SF of additions (two phases). New construction included science labs, athletic facilities with multi-purpose rooms, music theory lab, drama classrooms, additional theater storage space, CATE facilities, a larger courtyard between buildings, computer labs, robotics lab, criminal justice/forensics lab, nursing science labs, family and consumer sciences labs, fashion lab, and four art classrooms. Renovations included doubling the size of the existing kitchen, reconfiguring the serving area into a food court arrangement, renovating the special education suite, and enlarged areas for band, orchestra, and choir.


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Size: 139,136

Budget: $24,000,000

Completion Date: August 2013

Location: Plano, Texas



Plano Independent School District



Cadence McShane





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