Garland Independent School District

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Sachse High School is the sixth new high school that WRA Architects has designed for Garland ISD. As an adaptation of their previous high school plan, this design successfully changed the image completely to provide a distinct identity for the City of Sachse. The design incorporated materials of rugged masonry and accents of metal roofing to create a 'Texas vernacular' image which the City of Sachse later used in municipal buildings. The facility with a 2,300 student capacity features a 1,000 seat auditorium, 766 seat dining-commons and three-court gymnasium with 2,000 seats. Each of these three large gathering spaces are positioned on the main circulation path of the school and carefully designed to allow each area to function completely independently of the others for simultaneous activities. A central library on the second level overlooks the entry and commons. The career and technology department is adjacent to the classroom areas. The administration complex is also centralized to monitor both the entry and student commons while being close to the classroom areas and extracurricular activity areas. Facilities are provided for special education, band, choir and drama. The site also features a 2,000 seat track/football/soccer stadium, stadiums for baseball and softball and tennis, as well as parking, landscaping and other improvements. A large classroom addition in 2013 enlarged the total campus to 364,000 SF.


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Size: 364,000 SF (2 Phases)

Budget: $40,000,000 (2 Phases)

Completion Date: December 2011 - 2013

Location: Sachse, Texas



Garland Independent School District



Gallagher Construction

Adolfson & Peterson Construction



2002 Caudill Award, TASA/TASB

2002 Design Award, TASA/TASB

2002 Innovation Award, TASA/TASB

2002 Process of Planning Award, TASA/TASB

2002 Educational Appropriateness, TASA/TASB

2002 Value Award, TASA/TASB

2002 Golden Trowel Texas Masonry Council

2002 Golden Trowel United Masonry Contractors Association

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"They are about 4 months ahead of schedule!! The building looks great. Everyone working on it has done an excellent job."

Steve Hammerle, Former Principal, Sachse High School