Washington Heights elementary school

Fort Worth Independent School District

Distinguished Features

A new replacement school designed for 500 students in grades Pre-K-5. Located near Meacham Airport, one of the original school’s most distinguishing features is that it was under ground. The new school is a two-story structure on the north end of the site with the public areas oriented south, facing the main entrance. Deep porches and shading devices on the south shade the high summer sun yet allow the low winter sun to reach the glass to help heat the interior during cold weather.



Size: 60,000 SF

Budget: $12,000,000

Completion Date: August 2016

Location: Fort Worth, Texas



Fort Worth Independent School District



Cadence McShane Construction



2017 Community Award, TASA/TASB

2017 Planning Award, TASA/TASB

2017 Golden Trowel Award, United Masonry Contractors Association

2016 Project Achievement Award, Construction Management Association of America

Deep porches and shading devices

Built To Protect From The Summer Sun, Yet Constructed To Utilize The Winter Sun For Heat